Graduated in Medicine at Federal University Assistant Physician, Pelvic Surgery Department at A.C. Camargo Cancer, 1997 to 1990, and Head  of this Department from 1990 up to 2018. Obtained PhD (1995) and Free Docent  (2001) titles at University of São Paulo  Medical School (FMUSP),  Discipline of Oncology. Coordinator of Surgical Oncology Fellowship Program at A.C. Camargo Cancer Center from 1990 to 2017.

Full Professor of Oncology, University of Mogi das Cruzes Medical School from 2001 to date. Professor in the Master and PhD Program at the Oncology discipline, São Paulo University, from 1996 to 2010, and Post- graduation Course in Oncology of  the Antonio Prudente Foundation, from 1997 to date. My main research interest is to study prognostic factors in solid tumors, particularly colorectal cancer, urologic, bone tumors and soft tissue sarcomas.

I was actively involved in the training of more than one third of active surgical oncologists in Brazil, at the level of Medical Residency, who are spread   in almost all Brazilian States and several Countries of the South and Central America. I have mentored 20 masters and 9 PhDs students. I am Fellow of the  Brazilian College of Surgeons,  Brazilian Society of Surgical  Oncology,  American College of Surgeons,  international College of  Surgeons and the American Society of Surgical Oncology(SSO).

Member of the Editorial Board of 5 National Medical Journals and former member of the editorial board of Journal of Surgical Oncology. I published 126 papers in International  Medical Journals (PubMed indexed),  137  in National peer reviewed Journals and  116 book chapters, besides the edition of 11 books, of these, I highlight one on Soft Tissue Sarcomas, another on Colorectal cancer,  another on surgical technique in Bone and Soft Tissue Sarcoma in partnership with Martin Malawer and Paul Sugarbaker, from the Washington Cancer Institute and one very special and pioneer in Brazilian Society on Oncology for Graduation (Oncology for Undergraduate Students), already with three  editions, being the last one sold out and preparing the fourth  edition. H-Index=26, probably the best Brazilian Curriculum in the Surgical Oncology specialty. Recognized as top 10 physicians by the Folha de São Paulo Journal Survey in XX, the largest Brazilian Journal.  Several awarded works, mainly on Surgical Oncology.  Member of several Medical Societies and president of Brazilian Society  of Surgical Oncology(2012-2014).

Former president of the  Brazilian Society of Surgical Oncology São Paulo Section .  Former vice-president of the Brazilian Association of Philanthropic Institutions Against Cancer, Brazilian Cancerology Society. Vice-president of the Antonio Prudente Foundation, maintainer of A.C. Cancer Center (2012 to date).  Around 9000 surgical procedures of medium and large complexity  performed at the A.C. Camargo Cancer Center, from 1974 to 1990, besides others  surgeries at Hospital Sirio -Libanes , Albert Einstein, Oswaldo Cruz and Santa Catarina Hospital. This experience in Surgical Oncology  is centered mainly in colorectal cancer, soft tissue sarcomas, gynecologic tumors, breast cancer and skin cancer.

I was pioneer in introducing in Brazil, on March 2001, the cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic  intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC)  to  treat peritoneal carcinomatosis. I introduced in this country, at the A.C. Camargo Cancer Center, after coming back from MSLKCC, some special limb sparing surgical procedures in patients with large bone tumors and soft tissue sarcomas of the shoulder and pelvic girdle that were at that moment submitted to amputation. I was assistant physician of Prof. Fernando Gentil, at the A.C. Camargo Cancer Canter and in his private clinic for 13 years, until 1989 when he died.

Gentil introduced in early seventies, a conservative surgery for breast cancer, when almost all were in favor of radical mastectomy. I   actively participated performing the majority of these  surgical procedures. When Prof. Fernando Gentil died, he had around 400 cases of conservative surgery performed with oncological , aesthetic and functional gratifying results. Gentil concluded his fellowship in surgical oncology  at  Memorial Hospital and he continued as assistant physician for two years.

To work with Gentil was a great opportunity to learn surgical oncology for me, mainly in colorectal cancer, breast cancer, gynecological tumors, soft tissue sarcomas, skin cancer, melanoma and non melanoma   and some special surgical procedures in bone tumors.  I am honorary member of Minas Gerais State Academy of Medicine. Honorary title received from the couties: Passos (MG), Uberaba (MG) and Aracaju (SE). Awarded with the Pacificador and Mérito Militar Medals by the Brazilian Army.

Besides the profession, family and participation in the main meetings of the specialty, I have some hobbies: horse riding, plant small seeds  that eventually become a big trees, gardening, to play truco (card game) with friends and to admire the animals. I am member of the Brazilian Association of the Zebu Creators and volunteer of the SOPREV (an NGO that promotes the preventive oral health of children in the city of Delfinopolis/MG).

OFFICE:  Avendida Republica do Líbano 894, Ibirapuera, São Paulo Brasil.Phones:55-11-38878649/38844973/38879986/999881076. Site: www.cirurgiaoncologica.com.br, e-mais:Ademar-lopes@uol.com.br, ademarlopes@cirurgiaoncologica.com.br